DianaHi! If your here reading this, most likely your either family or good friends, so you know a bit about me. Some things you may not know are I initially wanted to go to college for industrial design and have a career designing cars. I instead pursued Management Information Systems but felt it was not what I had really wanted to do which was design, so I pursued Graphic Design.

In high school I got to be the first group of students to have a “web design” class, where we learned HTML coding by hand, none of this WYSIWYG editors. I also co-founded a computer graphics class, teaching freshman and sophomores how to use Photoshop. I worked at a local company to earn credits as part of an internship program, where I learned multimedia, graphic and web design.

My dream since I was a kid was to have my own business. This is a goal I’m still pursuing, more cautiously now as the economy is a bit rocky. As a child I had my parents get me a big office desk which I turned around in my room so I could greet my “clients” (aka neighborhood kids) and give them recommendations. I had my own business cards, stationary, planners, I loved it. It’s also how I still see myself being one of these days.

In my “free” time, I knit occasionally, try to get out and be outdoors as much as possible and pursue my love of photography. If you’d like to see more of my photography you can visit my Flickr stream. If you’d like to read what interesting me, visit my blog Trying to Find the Road Not Taken.